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What About a Fall Break?

November 19, 2009 Kelly Wall 0

It's not only classes that contribute to our exhaustion; it's all of the extracurricular activities that also want everything from you.,It's that time of year […]

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North Korea Winning the Game

April 16, 2009 Kelly Wall 1

The United Nations has decided not to impose sanctions on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which I will refer to as North Korea, only giving the country a slap on the wrist for launching, well, no one is really sure what North Korea has launched.

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Talks Step in Right Direction

April 9, 2009 Kelly Wall 0

According to an article on, Pakistan, the United States and Afghanistan will hold meetings in Washington sometime in May. I think this is an interesting step in American foreign policy, especially since we have spent much time in the past focusing on defending Israel.

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