Buying Weed Legally In Canada?

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001, however with the changes that are now on the horizon to legalize its use for recreational purposes also, it will soon be easier than ever to buy weed. At the moment, those who need to buy marijuana in Canada have several choices when it comes to buying the green stuff.

Buying Cannabis At A Clinic

A clinic is a medical facility with doctors who are specially trained in diagnosing and prescribing medicinal marijuana. These clinics were launched because many regular GPs felt uncomfortable about prescribing weed to their patients due to a lack of knowledge about its medicinal uses, and therefore a need for a specialist facility with medical professionals who were skilled in determining whether or not cannabis would be an appropriate treatment option for individual patients was recognized. It is free to attend a clinic in Canada, although of course the cannabis itself isn’t free, and patients must make their payment when buying from one of the licensed suppliers.

Buying Cannabis At A Dispensary

Dispensaries are another valid option for those who need to buy medicinal marijuana. There are now many of these all popping up in anticipation of the changes in the law in 2018 and while not strictly legal yet, they are still in operation. In most cases, a prescription is still required from a doctor, although some dispensaries are able to set you up with a cannabis-friendly doctor, either in person or via a video link. In other cases, a completed form from any medically qualified professional e.g. a chiropractor is sufficient in order to make your purchase, and in others, only proof of having a medical condition is necessary.

Buying Online – A Convenient Option

Anyone who is looking for a really convenient way of getting hold of their weed can easily make their purchases over the internet. It’s easy in Canada to buy weed online and to have your order sent to you via mail order in discreet packaging so if you want to keep your habit private it won’t be a problem. No prescription is required to make a purchase – as long as you are over the age of 19 and live in Canada you are eligible to buy online. For those who would rather not have a face to face experience, buying from an online dispensary is the best way forward, and delivery is speedy – within two to three working days. Placing an order is really easy too – all that is required is to register for the site, choose the products that you require and check out. Another advantage of purchasing online is that there is a much wider selection of strains and varieties to choose from, so you’re sure to get something that suits your needs.

Once recreational use becomes officially legalized in 2018, it is set to become easier than ever to buy weed in Canada, however until that time, buyers need to choose between one of these three options in order to get their fix.

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