Miss Connecticut preparing for Miss America pageant

Audibert participates in many events in the local area, promoting the “Let’s Move” campaign. Courtesy of facebook.com/MissCT


Emily Audibert, senior, will be competing at the Miss America pageant on Jan. 12, 2013.

Audibert, who already has a busy schedule as it is being a triple major in the Barney School of Business, a member of the dance team and the executive vice president of the Student Government Association, has been prepping for this competition since winning the title of Miss Connecticut in June.

Many students who compete in the Miss America pageant end up leaving school for a year to focus just on the compeition. Audibert, however decided to stay in school and still participate in her extra-cirriculars while getting herself ready for the competition. While the road has been difficult, Audibert still managed to get through it.

“In the beginning of the year they wanted me to drop out of school and all of my activities that I’m involved in and just do the Miss Connecticut applications but I said no… Though at sometimes I didn’t always get 100’s, I guess you would say if I were to grade myself in them, but I did it so I’m just happy with that,” said Audibert.

Audibert would then go on to explain how in her previous year, she learned great time management skills which has helped her balance out her life.

“Monday and Wednesday, I’m busy all day and on Tuesday, Thursday, is usually my time for extra prep stuff. Sometimes, I have to try on a dress or go do a mock interview and then I have appearances I have to make.”

As Miss Connecticut, Audibert has to make appearances and give keynote speeches. Also, Audibert has to have two charity platforms as Miss Connecticut. The two platforms she chose was the Lets Move platform that is a campaign trying to get kids to exercise. It is also a platform that first lady, Michelle Obama is heavily involved in. Audibert also promotes the Children’s Miracle Network where she raises money and gives it to her local hospital.

In the beginning of the year, she held a golf tournament where she raised over $12,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network which is the most money raised by anyone who had the Miss Connecticut title.

Whether it is raising her hand to answer a question or class, or giving speeches when she makes appearances, Audibert is constantly doing anything she can to get ready for the competition. She also explains that a healthy diet has helped her a lot in the past few months.

“Living a healthy lifestyle, working out everyday and making sure I’m eating the right foods that will be good for my body. It will keep me going and give me energy because I have been going so much that I have to have the right foods, or I will crash and burn,” said Audibert. “If I don’t keep my body regulated than personally I don’t do well with that, I need that structure and healthy lifestyle to function well.”

With the competition coming up, Audibert said that she has no expectations with the result.

“I have no expectations at all. I plan on going in there and doing my best and hoping to have a really great week.”


-Interview conducted by Charles Paullin | Editor-in-Chief