Lacrosse breaks out ‘staches for charity

Lacrosse Head Coach Peter Lawrence does his best Burt Reynold’s impression with the vintage moustache | COURTESY OF HARTFORDHAWKS.COM

On the weekend of Oct. 6 and 7, the University of Hartford men’s lacrosse team will be participating in their first games of the season. During that weekend, they will be playing in the Catamount Classic which will be held in Braintree, Mass.

The Catamount Classic is a charity event where all the proceeds are donated to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for testicular cancer research.

This year will be the third time the Hawks have participated in the event in the five year history of it. Along with the event, the lacrosse team is also doing “Stache for Cash.”

While doing this, the team will be sporting and maintaining mustaches until the Catamount Classic begins. Donations can be made by filling out a donation form and email coach Peter Lawrence.

“We’ve taken some steps to be united on the lacrosse front,” said Lawrence.

As the Hawks are participating in a tournament to raise money for cancer research they will become united not just to win, but for a greater good and trying to put an end to cancer. “Everybody wears the same socks and the ribbon for cancer,” Lawrence said about the team’s attire. Wearing the same clothes as a team will help bring the team together as they bond over the same attire.

One of the main focuses for the lacrosse team over the next few weeks will be to help raise money for cancer research. “We thought it was a way to raise some money,” said Lawrence about the Stache for Cash idea.

The program was a success last year for the team and they decided to bring it back. “The program doesn’t  make money off it, we donate all the money back to Dana-Farber,” Lawrence went on to say. As a team the Hawks raised around $2,500 last year.

With a tournament being held for cancer research, it could always be a touchy subject for certain players. “It was done really to raise awareness, I’m sure we have some people in our program that have had a family member who has suffered from cancer, we just say its best to be sensitive on the subject,” said Lawrence about the issue of cancer.

The subject of cancer is always going to be a difficult subject for some people to deal with, so it would be best to be very careful while dealing with it.

“This is our third year doing it, so it was just a decision made as a coaching staff, so it’s become a tradition,” Lawrence said about going back to participate in the Catamount Classic.

Keeping the tradition going and also bringing back Stache for Cash, helped to make the Hawks decision easier to help raise money for cancer research.

Along with the charity aspect, the Hawks will also have games on the mind. “Its close proximity, we recruit a lot of kids in New England,” said Lawrence on wanting to participate in the Catamount Classic.

By bringing Hawks lacrosse to Massachusetts, Hartford could potentially build some exposure for the program and possibly help bring in some new recruits.

“During the season winning is everything, I think when you play in a charity tournament in the fall obviously you want to go in and have some success and win,” Lawrence said about the team participating in the Catamount Classic. The coaching staff feels that it will be good to get on the field and truly be teammates for the first time.

After raising $2,500 for cancer research last season, the Hawks main goal will be to top last season’s mark.

Anyone interested in donating can email Lawrence.

The next time a group of men are walking around campus with a lot of facial hair, remember that it could very well be for charity.