DiOrio goes pro

Courtesy of Adam Velk

Luke DiOrio, a sophomore majoring in sociology that currently resides in Regents Park, was chosen to play for the American Ultimate Disc League’s Rhode Island Rampage after trying out for the team.

“I think I was surprised, honestly, that I made the team,” DiOrio said on what surprised him about the tryout process. “Obviously I think I’m a pretty decent player, but just the level of competitiveness and the players that were there.”

DiOrio said it was his style of play during the tryouts that he said is what the coaches liked about him and that they thought was unique.

“I guess I’m kind of a, like, do it all kind of player,” DiOrio said. “I do some pretty decent throws, I’m decently fast and I can kind of catch pretty well.”

Taking his cutting ability from basketball and soccer, which he played in high school, and putting them toward Ultimate and using it that way, he showed the coaching something they hadn’t really seen before.

“I think I’ve taken what I’ve leaned and used it in Ultimate and used it to my advantage.”

Throughout the tryout process that consisted of three, three-hour sessions, which consisted of throwing drills, cutting and speed, DiOrio said he had to do a 40-yard dash, a 300-yard shuttle and a vertical leap amongst other things.

“It was like combine style, like NFL, so it was pretty interesting,” DiOrio said who had tried out for different club teams sanctioned by USA ultimate that consisted of just scrimmages. “It was the first time I had ever done anything like that.”

Due to the league being a lot more physical than what he is used to, DiOrio said that he had to adapt his playing style to that intense physicality aspect while going out and playing the sport of Frisbee was the easiest.

The experience and the people he tried out with such as Brandon Melicheck, who DiOiro said is one of the best players in the nation right now, was trying out and going to be one of the captains of the teams, also captured DiOprio’s attention.

“Say if you were a big basketball fan, you saw LeBron. Like your trying out with LeBron, its kind of like the equivalent.”
DiOrio will begin his Rampage career within the next upcoming weeks in a scrimmage.