WBB Live: Hartford vs. Binghamton

3:46 pm

Viive Rebane hits for two and that”ll do it the Hartford Hawks win it, 67-58 with outstanding performances by Nikkia Smith and Daphne Elliot

3:42 pm

Daphne Elliot drives in and reverses behind her head for the and one. She hits the foul shot.

3:41 pm

Viive Rebane will be shooting two after the foul, Rebane hits one of two

3:40 pm

Ruthanne Doherty spinning to the bucket and gets fouled for an and one, Doherty misses the free throw

3:38 pm

Three-pointer by Andrea Holmes brings Binghamton within 7 with 3:03 to play, Timeout

3:37 pm

Nikkia Smith is at the line shooting the one and one flagrant foul. She hits both and the Hawks get the ball

3:34 pm

The score is Hartford Hawks 60, Binghamton Bearcats 52 with 3:58 to play in the game.

3:33 pm

Viive Rebane hits again with the nice little post move

3:32 pm

Daphne Elliot another threeeeee

3:32 pm

Viive Rebane gets the basket after the nice move

3:30 pm

Orla O’Reilly hits the lay-in

3:30 pm

Alex Hall for two

3:28 pm

Media Timeout

3:27 pm

Nikkia Smith hits again giving her 22 on the game extending the Hawks lead to 9, 55-46

3:26 pm

Nikkia Smith hits for a big three

3:26 pm

Mallory Lawes hits for three

3:23 pm

Orla O’Reilly hits the three for the Bearcats

3:22 pm

Daphne Elliot is raining three’s, hitting her third of the half

3:22 pm

Mallory Lawes gets the Bearcat basket for two

3:21 pm

Daphne Elliot hits another from long distance

3:19 pm

Timeout on the floor with 11:51 to go. Hartford’s in the lead 44-36

3:18 pm

Daphne Elliot hits for three

3:16 pm

Long three breaks the drought by both teams hit by Orla O’Reilly, Nikkia Smith hits the banker on the other end

3:10 pm

Media Timeout

3:09 pm

Viive Rebane hits the jumper from the free throw line, but a quick Alex Hall slashes through the Bearcat defense going coast to coast

3:08 pm

Simone Thomas hits the two for Binghamton, but Ruthanne Doherty gets the put-back for the Hawks

3:07 pm

Nikkia Smith can’t be stopped hitting the long two

3:05 pm

Andrea Holmes hits both free throws after the foul

3:04 pm

Orla O’Reilly stops on the dime and hits the jumper for the Bearcats, but Nikkia Smith answers back and hits yet another jumper

3:03 pm

Nikkia Smith with the jumper staying red hot from the field

2:55 pm

Be back in about 7 minutes

2:46 pm

Cheryl Moore hits the two with 20 seconds to go, Daphne Elliot banks in the three at the buzzer giving the Hawks a 29-23 lead at the half. We’ll be back in 15 min for second half action

2:44 pm

Simone Thomas once again on the line for Binghaamton shooting one and one. she misses, Hartford ball

2:40 pm

Bearcats Number 33, hits one of two from the line after the Hartford foul

2:39 pm

Foul on Hawks Amber Bepko, Simone Thomas is on the line for the Bearcats shooting one and one. Thomas hits both free throws

2:38 pm

Nikkia Smith hits one of two from the line

2:36 pm

Timeout on the floor, The Hawks are starting to heat up taking a 3 point lead with 3:53 to go in the half

2:35 pm

Nikkia Smith hits another this time from about 15 feet

2:33 pm

Nikkia Smith at the line shooting one and one. She hits both free throws

2:32 pm

Nikkia Smith hits the nice turnaround jumper and a turnover by the Bearcats gives the ball back to the Hawks.

2:31 pm

Bearcats Number 1 hits for three

2:31 pm

Three Offensive Boards by the Hawks but they can’t convert on the layup

2:28 pm

Media Timeout on the floor, the score is 17 all with 7:40 to go in the first stanza

2:27 pm

Daphne Elliot with the steal, she misses the layup, but stays with it and gets fouled. Daphne hits’em both

2:25 pm

Nikkia Smith gets fouled on the way up and will shoot two. Smith hits them both

2:23 pm

Nice driving layup by Binghamton, but Ruthanne Doherty answers back with a deuce

2:22 pm

Bearcats will shoot one. and hit it

2:18 pm

layup and the foul by the Bearcats, Hawks Timeout

2:17 pm

Another Bearcat basket gives them the lead 12-11

2:16 pm

Nice offensive rebound by Ruthanne Doherty to maintain Hartford possession. The Hawks turn it over.

2:14 pm

Amber Bepko nails the three with 7 seconds left on the 24

2:13 pm

Alex Hall is fouled and will shoot two. She hits two of two

2:12 pm

The score at the moment is Binghamton 8 and Hartford 6 with 15:00 to play

2:11 pm

Sorry for the Technical difficulties, but were now up and runnning



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