Facebook Timeline: A change to embrace

Some Facebook users are already seeing a change on their profiles with the addition of cover photos and other features and soon, everyone will whether they want it or not.

Recently, Facebook announced its decision to take the new layout of Facebook Timeline and release it site wide, causing everyone to switch over. Up to this point, only those that decided to utilize Timeline could.

The outrage about this shocked me. It seemed that every different local media source began discussing how horrible Timeline is and how it kills privacy.

Wait…so posts you made years ago are still online? Of course.

In an article by PCworld.com, they went over all the ways that users need to lock down their profile. From changing privacy settings from Public to Friends Only and by deleting previous posts that may be considered unacceptable for work and supervisors, the suggested advice seemed like common sense.

Even with the old Facebook layout, the posts that could be inappropriate were still there. It does not matter whether or not it’s easier to access. The information should not be there in the first place if you don’t want to show it to the world.

As a person who has already switched over to Timeline and has held my Facebook profile for six years, I have already gone through everything and made sure that the information I did not want out in the world wasn’t online.

It’s as simple as that. Facebook changes layouts. It always has. Every time, Facebook users go up in a tizzy about how much they hate it. Every time, people calm down and accept that it’s just the new layout and it’s time to get used to it.

Just because Timeline makes older posts easier to find does not mean it’s an all over villain. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the little touches that make Timeline unique such as the cover photos at the top, the clearer way to see posts, and also the easier navigation between times of your life.

Facebook, just like any social networking site, allows you to control what you want online. You make the decision whether or not to put up those photos of the night before or the drunken Facebook status update.

Yes, Timeline makes it much easier that instead of scrolling to the bottom of a profile and clicking “Older posts” a million times, you can now simply click on a year and you will be brought there. However, this is only just a new way to organize. It has always been and will always be, a user’s personal responsibility to filter what they want on their page and who can see it.

My advice? Embrace Timeline. It isn’t going anywhere and in just a few weeks, you will be required to use it.