Undergraduate colloquium fast approaching, now accepting applications

President Walter Harrison and his wife Diane, along with the University Honors Program and the Alpha Lambda Delta and the Alpha Chi National Honors Societies, are working together to prepare for the University’s annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium.

The Undergraduate Colloquium, which will be held on April 12 at the 1877 Club, is a forum for honors and other high-achieving students to present works that they are most proud of.

Some of the works that the students have presented are research papers, artworks, business plans, nursing projects and more.

“The Colloquium is a great way for top students to celebrate their academic achievements. The presentations are so impressive,” said Dr. Donald Jones, Associate Professor of the Department of Rhetoric and Professional Writing and Director of the University Honors Program.

The presentations at the colloquium are organized into three or four panels during each 75 minutes period, there are four sets of panels over the course of the afternoon program.

Jones explained that every college of the University was represented last year by at least one student and the panels were very well attended.

Jones also said that some rooms were filled to excess with some students in the audience standing in the back.

“With so many good students gathered together to make their presentations and every room filled with a supportive audience, the atmosphere at the Colloquium is so exciting,» Jones said.

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the colloquium to present their creativity and research.

The applicants must be recommended by faculty members.

Most of the students that participate in this event are juniors and seniors; however, this should not stop first or second year students from applying or attending the event to watch these high achieving students at work.

Students can enjoy as well as learn from the colloquium. Whether it’s a musical performance or a science experiment, these presentations give students an opportunity to show off work that they are really proud of.

Looking back at some of the successful students in the past, Jones said, “Last year, one student said that preparing his presentation really helped him gain control over his research so he could finish writing his thesis.”

Jones and his staff are now accepting applications. Applications can be found on the honors website.

Students can submit applications to Jones directly in Auerbach 212i or email to djones@hartford.edu.

The deadline for applications is Feb. 20, and students will be informed in mid-March if they have been accepted.