Beyond the campus dish in West Hartford

Halfway through September and maybe even sooner for some, students will get tired of the same old selections for meals on campus.

The quick fix remedy for this “food rut” often is Kraft Easy Mac, Ramen Noodles and any frozen meal that will easily cook in a microwave. These quick fixes over time become bland and unsatisfying meal choices.

Then, when we get tired of the dorm room cuisine, we scrounge up money between a group of friends and order pizza or Chinese food. Take out food is the next best thing when living on a college campus due to affordable prices and delivery services.

Choosing a large greasy pepperoni pizza and buffalo wings for dinner is not the only option out there!

Most of the time for students living on campus, that delivery food seems like a treat. Although everyone is on a tight budget and may not have the means to get off campus, it is all right to splurge on food once in a while. Some students would rather spend a little more money on excellent food every once in a while rather than going with the unhealthy and unsatisfying cheap option.

Here are some restaurants in West Hartford and about a ten minute drive at most from campus.

The Pond House Cafe, nestled in Elizabeth Park has a phenomenal Sunday brunch menu as well as a beautiful view of the park from the dining room. Their menu offers a wide array of options so every diner will find something that satisfies them.

What sets The Pond House Cafe a part from most breakfast and brunch restaurants is the modern and unique flair on classic dishes. Their famous “Pond House Benedict” for $9.95, puts a spin on your classic eggs benedict. The dish is comprised of two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top of a crab cake and cornbread.

Other great dishes are their apple and brie omelet at $7.25 and the strawberry rhubarb French toast at $7.07. When you look at their menu you may not feel that all of those ingredients will taste well together, however you need to be a little daring when you dine out, you will be surprise your taste buds.

Next, is Plan B Burger Bar on Park Road in West Hartford. Plan B Burger Bar is always packed which means that they are offering something great to keep diners coming back. This restaurant and bar are highly known for their 100% all-natural beef.

The beef is from farms and never contains fillers and is not frozen, which makes their burgers absolutely delicious. With 21 burger variations on the menus not including their sliders, it’s fun to try a new burger every time.

For diners who love spice, the baja burger for $10.99 is a perfect choice. The burger is topped with Jalapeños, avocado, tomato, jack cheese, lettuce and chipotle spread. If you don’t love burgers there are other options such as their popular mac ‘n jack with mac and cheese at $10.99 made with organic pasta topped with bbq chicken or pulled pork.

Next time you’re about to pick up the phone to order Chinese take out, consider venturing off campus and splurging on a great meal that will keep you far more satisfied.