Prezi proves prominence over PowerPoint

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When class presentations roll around at various points throughout a semester the ever-predictable Microsoft PowerPoint may just have met its match with the new online presentation tool called Prezi.

Prezi, dubbed “The Zooming Presentation Editor,” is a free online application that is extremely easy to navigate and access when it comes class presentation time.

Virtually displayed on one big template, the unique feature of Prezi is the zooming in and around one main slide playing on the non-linear presentation.

Instead of having to buy and remember bringing a flash drive to class, Prezi are stored online at for free.

A new and inventive tool that makes the night before presentations that much easier and fun, Prezi is quickly growing and proving to be a more effective way of giving presentations.

I personally find the non-linear fashion of the presentation to be not only eye catching, but also original. Sure I can peek to see how many slides a PowerPoint is and sneak a nap in before it’s over but with Prezi the entire template is really cool.

An important feature that Prezi has over Microsoft is the embedding of videos, specifically a YouTube clip to help illustrate a presentation topic.

Yes you can embed a link into a PowerPoint but a browser is required to be open to run the video.

Although an Internet connection is required to access a Prezi, the lack of one on any college campus is virtually non-existent.

Although the site launched in April of 2009, it has taken until now to catch the eyes of users especially with the recent launch of a Prezi iPad application.

Using one big canvas, the presentation tool is more of a visual storyteller than anything because it offers the opportunity for users to navigate through their presentations.

Prezi is also the subject of up and coming social media technologies especially with visual communications.

Although to create a Prezi users can opt for the free version, those who do so will have their Prezi published on the site itself.

For an even more advanced presentation users can select the 500MB “Enjoy” version that offers private settings and the option to display any logo instead of the Prezi one.

Beyond the “Enjoy” option users can go “Pro” with the 2000MB option which offers all the previous perks plus the ability to make presentations from a desktop without an Internet connection.

The “Enjoy” option costs $59 a year while the “Pro” version is $159 a year.