Andy’s Indie Artist Spotlight: Tip The Van, Ska Band Next Door

Coming off of a huge year in 2009, Tip the Van has achieved so much that it is hard for them to go unnoticed in the ska world. With high success during last year’s tour with Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto, TTV has been stopping at nothing to simply do what they love and spread their sound.

Formed in 2002 by sisters Nicole and Simone Olivia in Marlborough, Connecticut, Tip the Van have worked their way up from nothing to prove that it is possible to live the dream. The group of what is now six have the advantage of a powerful momentum backing them as they prepare to tour again this year. The band’s distinctive ska sound is infectious and triggers an automatic smile and sense of rhythm in all who are lucky enough to have a listen.

Real down to earth people, Tip the Van continues to book shows in small venues where they first started and also with big names across the country.

The sisters’ vocals compliment the up strum patatern of the ska guitar and trombones so suavely that the result blends perfectly. I was fortunate enough to see Tip the Van a few years ago doing an acoustic set at a small venue in Stratford, Connecticut.

Their style and attitude of just enjoying the moment really captured my attention as they played the show and had a blast doing it. I admire the band’s commitment to their music and their fans.

An all around genuine ska band, Tip the Van still have a long way to go and I definitely think they’ll continue to write great quality songs as they advance up the musical ladder.

Releasing their first new material since 2006, Tip the Van put out a three track EP titled “Passion, Love & Pride” last year. The songs reflect how much the group has grown through song writing, music, and delivery and proves to be their finest work yet.

Tip the Van will be at The Space in Hamden, Conn., on February fifth and March 1. I highly recommend making the trip down to The Space for two great shows with impressive lineups.